white dorper sheep for sale near me

We sale top quality live Dorper sheep. Majority of sheep growers rely heavily on grain feed inputs, our lambs are born and raised on grass only. our intensive pasture system involves moving our dorper sheep and lambs to fresh pasture daily. This puts them on a constant supply of the freshest feed and cleanest ground!

No grain: What you see in our lambs is the result of grass and ewe’s milk only! our sheep perform exceptionally well on grass.

No Vaccines: At Dairy Farm Animal Exchange we do not vaccinate our lambs. If vaccination is part of your program you will need to arrange this once the lambs are at your farm.

We can supply any required quantity our prices are competitive, all relevant certificates available and shipping is done through land, sea & air is available in very reasonable prices.
we supply bucks/does/kids/pregnant goats

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