Standardbred Horse For Sale

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    Standardbred Horse

    The American standardbred was developed in New England in the 1800s from a melting pot of horses that trotted, paced, and raced both under saddle and in harness.

    A thoroughbred named Messenger, who was brought to the United States in 1788, is regarded as the foundation of the breed. And all American standardbreds descend from Messenger’s great-grandson Hambletonian 10. Many other breeds were introduced to the line, each contributing their desirable racing characteristics. Among these breeds were thoroughbreds, Morgans, Canadian pacers, and some other now-extinct pacing and trotting horses.

    In 1879, the National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders formed as a breed registry. The name standardbred comes from the standard mile time of 2 minutes and 30 seconds that a horse had to run to quality for that registry. Today, the United States Trotting Association keeps track of the breed.

    American Standardbred Size

    American standardbreds range in height from around 14 hands (56 inches) to 17 hands (68 inches). They weigh from 800 to 1,200 pounds on average. Most stand at around 15 hands (60 inches) and weigh around 1,000 pounds—about the same as the average riding horse. There is no breed conformation standard when it comes to height and weight for the American standardbred.

    American standardbreds need a typical equine diet of quality grass, hay, grain, and some fruits and veggies. Vitamin and mineral supplementation might be necessary, especially if the horse can’t graze freely. The quantity of food largely depends on the horse’s size and activity level. If you race your horse, it will need a well-formulated racing diet that provides extra energy for what it expends.

    The American standardbred was initially developed for its speed and stamina in harness racing. But it can hold its own in many other riding and driving disciplines. You’ll find standardbreds in sports, such as speed games, endurance riding, jumping, competitive carriage, and pleasure driving.

    Because those trained for the track are so well handled from birth—first trained to drive and then exposed to many other situations—they usually can easily make the transition to pleasure driving horses. Much of their basic training is already done. However, they excel so much in harness racing that they are rarely bred solely as pleasure horses.


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