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    Sirohi Goat For Sale

    Sirohi goats are medium to large sized animals with compact cylindrical to conical body. Generally, cylindrical shaped animals are believed to be better meat producers while animals with conical body are considered good in milk production. Some adult animals may have a depression in the thoracic region, giving a saddle back appearance. The body is covered with fairly dense hair which is short and coarse. Coat colour: Prominent colours are brown and brown with light to dark brown patches (spotted brown). Both, brown and spotted brown types are generally available in three shades of dark, medium and light. Very few animals are completely white. The body coat is generally shiny in nature, but some animals possess hairy coat also. Face: Face of Sirohi goat is generally straight or sometimes slightly raised. Ear: Ears are generally flat and leaf like, medium-sized and drooping type. They are described as pendulous, drooping downwards, leaf-like in shape with slight curvature towards back. Horn: Both males and females have horns which are generally curved upward and backward with pointed tips; but other horn patterns are also seen. Some Sirohi animals without horn (polled) are also found. Tail: Tail is small to medium in length and curved upward. Wattles and beard: Some Sirohi animals have two wattles hanging from the neck and beard under the lower jaw. Indo-Swiss Goat Project (ISGP) study reported that wattles were present in about 30% of animals. True beard are also present in few animals. Udder conformation: Udder is small and round, with small teats placed laterally. Some (6%) of the goats registered under the Indo-Swiss Goat Project (ISGP scheme were reported to have supernumerary teats.

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