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    Pygora Goat For Sale

    The versatile Pygora grows one of three types of fleeces for the spinner’s pleasure. Type A, the Angora type, dangles in long, lustrous, curly locks. This fine mohair can reach six inches in length. Type B blends the Angora mohair with the soft Pygmy undercoat, called cashmere. Finally Type C, the Cashmere type, is a short, fine, non-lustrous fiber of one to three inches. According to the PBA, Pygora fleece has little lanolin, so should not be overspun, and it mixes well with wool and silk. One Pygora will yield 6 ounces to 2 pounds of fiber per shearing.

    History: The Pygora is a relatively new breed developed by Katherine Jorgensen of Oregon. Aiming for an animal that would yield a fine spinning fiber, she crossed a registered Pygmy goat with a registered silky-fleeced Angora goat. This mating produced F-1 generation hybrids, which when bred together resulted in the true Pygora. The Pygora Breeders Association (PBA) organized in 1987, and according to the association, the breed’s popularity has steadily increased since that time.

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