Florida White Rabbit


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    Florida White Rabbit for sale

    Florida Whites continue to grow in popularity because they are a true show rabbit taking many Best In Shows every year. The dedicated breeders in our organization have increasingly strived for excellence in the breed. Because Florida Whites are a versatile breed they are raised in a variety of climates for a variety of purposes. They are excellent mothers, good small fryers and are raised for research in addition to being raised for showing.

    The Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association offers a variety of services for our members. With your membership you receive a guidebook and a newsletter which keeps members informed of club news. We offer sweepstakes and convention awards to encourage competition. Our youth membership is continually growing due to our active members. The Florida White rabbit makes an excellent 4-H project. Their small size make them ideal for youngsters.

    We welcome you to our association and feel every member’s input is vital to a strong, growing organization.



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