Flemish Giant Rabbit


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    Flemish Giant rabbit for sale

    Flemish Giant Rabbits were developed in the Flanders region of Europe where it was recorded as occurring in Belgium in the sixteenth century.

    Before and during World War II, it was very common in Europe to see these large easy-care rabbits being raised by children, who fed them on garden produce, to provide cheap and healthy meals in hard times.

    The adult weight of a Flemish Giant is around 6.4 kilograms for a buck and 6.8 kilograms for a doe. Breeders aim for a long body length with a large rump, and the ears having a length of around 150 millimeters – the longer the better. By nature they are considered to be gentle giants.

    It can take 12 to 14 months for a doe to reach its adult weight and be ready for mating. To maintain the rabbit’s health and to give it a long life, some breeders recommend breeding a doe only once a year, as this will give the kits the best growing time they can get from being with their mother. Weaning can take place when they are from eight to ten weeks old.

    They are found in black, white, light grey, sandy, blue, fawn, and steel grey.


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