Button Mushrooms

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    Button Mushrooms For Sale

    Grows multiple harvests of mushrooms.

    Allow 3 to 10 days for ground home delivery.  Our farm is shipping kits from California.  We ship FedEx  Mon. thru Fri.

    This product is New, we are the farm that manufactures them.  Made in the USA.

    Our White Button is a new strain of the white button mushroom.  It starts more mushrooms and grows a better looking white button mushroom than conventional whites.  It pins quickly and grows aggressively.  It’s caps is smoother and the stems are noticeable thicker than conventional white mushrooms.  You must put this one on your to try list.  It is white to off white in color.  It can be used in everything from soups, salads, to pizzas.  If allowed to over grow they can become as large as portabellas.  Our mushroom kits will grow several crops of mushrooms over a 2 month period of time. For further descriptions and information see below.  Mushroom kits are 9 lbs. . Pricing and outer box options maybe be viewed below.  Shipping charges are calculated at time of check out.


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